• 13th Sep 2023

    Spotlight on Shantala Pèpe, Prize SACD Choreography 2022 for "Rafales"

    > Praises from the members of SACD and Interview from Isabelle Plumhans

  • 23rd Apr 2023

    RAFALES has received
    the PRIZE OF THE CHOREOGRAPHY 2022 from the SACD
    (Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers)
    Many thanks to the team and all our partners!!!

  • 4th Feb 2023

  • 8th Nov 2022


    Décembre 6 to 10 at Les Brigittines - Playhouse for Movement

    Fleeing on a path strewn with pitfalls, five performers form a cohesive body, explore the gestures of mutual aid and cooperation, in an apocalyptic atmosphere.

    > Reservation here

  • 6th Sep 2022


    Project pitching of RAFALES at Les Tanneurs Theatre on October 6 at 3:30 pm alongside a dozen other artists!
    Event organized by Les Brigittines, Théâtre Les tanneurs, Le Varia and Wallonia-Brussels Theatre Dance.

    --> Programme et réservation

  • 23rd Mar 2022

    - CARCAN at the Festival In Movement -

    This week, it is with great joy that I will perform my solo Carcan, created in 2018, and programmed in a shared evening with Tumbleweed, Guilhem Chatir and Gabriel Schenker. Come Come Come!!!

    Thursday 24 to Saturday 26 - 8.30 pm - Les Brigittines

    Carcan - In Movement
  • 11th Mar 2022

    New administrative residence at Le 4!

    Welcomed for 3 years in administrative residence at the Compagnie Mossoux-Bonté, MANA Cie will move in June to the Maison d'artistes Les Tanneurs, where we are invited in residence in its new beautiful coworking space : )

    Coworking Tanneurs Le 4
  • 12th Nov 2021

    Novembre 26 at 10am // Théâtre 140 (Brussels) // Work in Progress 30 minutes

    - professional platform for theatre, performance, dance, puppetry -
    12 artists and companies will present their work in progress - Full program here!

    Thrown on a road full of obstacles, a group moves inexorably, united in the face of the threat of imminent danger. In the tumult of flight and the uncertainty of the paths to be taken, they form only one united body, involving the gestures and mechanisms of mutual aid, where perhaps their utopia and their emancipation reside. Between realism and onirism, RAFALES plunges us into a choreographic, pictorial and sound narrative, mixing precise physical scores and strong theatrical presences.

    Necessary inscription here!

    The LookIN'OUT is an initiative of residency space BAMP, the artists support organisation AD LIB, and Theatre 140.

  • 12th Nov 2021

    - November 10 to 17, 2021 / Free online event -

    The Magma Chamber, co-directed with Antonin De Bemels, has the honor of being programmed at the Festival Numéridanse for the short films evening in partnership with DAN.CIN.LAB!
    -> Broadcast November 12 at 7pm: 10 dance films from 10 different countries!
    Available during 12h here: numeridanse.tv/10ans

    10 years Numéridanse
  • 16th Jun 2021

    In Slovakia with the piece Alice and Carcan which will be presented in ZÁHRADA (Banska Bytrica) as well as the film The Magma Chamber this Thursday 17 and Friday 18 at 8pm!
    Thank you SKOK! for programming this exciting combo!

    Alice, Carcan et The Magma Chamber en Slovaquie
  • 19th Mar 2021

    - Work in progress for professionals only -

    11 & 12 May at 8pm // Les Brigittines (Salle Mezzo) // about 30 minutes

    Navigating between realism and dreamlike aesthetics, Rafales dives deep into the stories of beings pushed to the borders of human relations, shedding light on the salutary mechanics of mutual aid and solidarity, under the prism of the migration crisis.Two women and three men trapped in coercive spatial situations, explore certain forms of relations present in the living world (coexistence, symbiosis, predation, competition), depending on whether cooperation or struggle dominates, thus seeking their ultimate salvation.

    Limited gauge. Contact us to register.

  • 2nd Feb 2021

    Les Arrière-Mondes / Company Mossoux Bonté
    Creation postponed to June 23rd > 27th at Les Tanneurs in Brussels

  • 2nd Oct 2020

    - Creation 2022 -

    The first 2 weeks of research are coming to an end, it's been a real joy to share this creative time with this fantastic team!
    Next residence in May 2021 at Les Brigittines.
    Find more about the work here.

  • 22nd Sep 2020

    The show Dimanche has been awarded by the Maeterlinck Critic Prizes 2020 with the Best Show Prize and the Best Artistic and Technical Creation Prize! Congratulations to the team for their outstanding work! Tour Dates

  • 26th Jun 2020

    Choreographer Nicole Mossoux invites performers to a short filmed improvisation for the Westfluegel House in Leipzig. Any performers can participate! 2'30 max!
    Go here to watch Nicole Mossoux message and the videos of performers: https://www.westfluegel.de/en/...

  • 1st Jun 2020

    SOON OR LATER - the doors will open!

    Performative challenge during covid 19 confinement : 1 outdoor space, 1 minute max video, 20 minutes of shooting, no preparation on location.
    Short series of 8 episodes commissioned by the Brigittines to few of their fellow choreographers!
    Video by Shantala Pèpe, Pierre Philippe Pif Hofmann & Les Brigittines

  • 25th Apr 2020

    Since the 13th of march and until end of jun, all shows and tour dates of Alice, Nothingness, The Great-He Goat, and Dimanche are unfortunately canceled due to the health crisis. But there are good news : most of them will be postponed for next year or the season 2021-2022!

  • 15th Feb 2020

    Just under a month before the premières of Nothingness! Come to discover the new creation of Maria Eugenia Lopez at the Brigittines on March 12, 13 and 14.

    Premières Nothingness
  • 10th Feb 2020

    In the middle of learning the amazing show Dimanche, created by the companies Focus & Chaliwaté mixing gesture theatre, object theatre and puppetry : )

  • 13th Jan 2020

    Back in the Brigittines for the fourth creation phase of Nothingness from Maria Eugenia Lopez, and with Louis Nam Le Van Ho.

    Nothingness Brigittines janvier
  • 18th Nov 2019

    Come to discover Vice Versa during our run in Theatre Les Tanneurs from 20th to 23rd and from 28th to 30th!

    Vice Versa Tanneurs
  • 16th Nov 2019

    The Great He Goat is playing at the Halles de Schaerbeek (Brussels) next week on the 26th and 27th!

  • 1st Oct 2019

    The new creation Alice has been selected for the platform Objectifs Danse 9 - biennale of international promotion for contemporary dance companies from Wallonia-Brussels federation.

    Performance on october 16 at 2.30pm at the Brigittines, Brussels.

  • 1st Sep 2019

    Interview on the film The Magma Chamber in the new special edition of WomenCinemakers!

    Interview here!

    Women CineMakers, Special Edition
  • 1st Sep 2019

    The Magma Chamber will be screened at the Manifesto Film Festival this sunday 8th september as part of the Amsterdam Film eXperience Showcase curated by Steve Armor.

  • 1st Aug 2019

    Steve Reich Project is performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from august 2nd to 18th!

  • 1st Jun 2019

    The Magma Chamber is selected at the Venice Biennale 2019!

    The Magma Chamber at the Biennale de Venise 2019!
  • 1st Nov 2018

    Shantala Pèpe is an artist resident at the Mossoux-Bonté Company