Shantala Pèpe is a dancer, choreographer and film-maker who founded her own company in Brussels in 2015. With the continued support of Les Brigittines-Playhouse for Movement and the Mossoux-Bonté Company where she has been a resident artist since October 2018, she continues to develop her work both for stage and screen.

Her research lies at the crossroads of dance, theatre and cinema, exploring poetic and symbolic imagery with a strong emphasis on the interaction between movement, sound and lighting. The organic quality of her movement stems from her fascination with the natural world and founds her contrasted and bold aesthetics. At the heart of her work lies the question of feminine identity and its paradoxes, as well as our relationship to the dream world and imagination.

Driven by her desire to create intimate and intricate choreographic works, she has developed a series of solos: Innocence is bliss (10'/2008), Despite Her (50'/2016), Carcan (12'/2018) and Alice (40'/2019). Her interest for visual arts has led her to experiment with filmmaking and direct three award-winning choreographic films: Emergences (2011), Embrace (2014), and The Magma Chamber (2018).

The unique combination of her past as a high-performing athlete, her conservatory-level dance training and numerous collaborations with artists and choreographers has allowed Shantala Pèpe to develop an outstanding stage presence. She performs regularly in choreographic works by Nicole Mossoux (Cie Mossoux-Bonté), Karine Ponties (Cie Dame de Pic) and Isabella Soupart. Since 2012 she has been honing her acting skills, training with the likes of John Flanders, Beatriz Flores Silva, Marjorie Ballentine, Pico Berkowitch, and has been featured in a number of film works by various directors and choreographers.