Follow Me

Dieter Grohmann

Film Production 2015

5 minutes 56 seconds

Actress & Editor

The soul is a vast country. The short film Follow me starring Shantala Pèpe is solely anchored in this 'vast country'. Attempting to escape from her inner self followed by panic attacks as well as quiet moments, the protagonist eventually faces her demons. Afflicted by doubts and quiet desperation she realises that there is only one way out: to let go and give herself over to what is meant to be. In fact and amazingly to her this was her very own gateway to deliverance, inner peace and freedom. The story being set on the outer and most fragile edge of the soul, delving into the depth of the psyche, in the realm between dream and reality is constantly trying to get to the bottom of whether the inner subjective experience is not actually the true reality.


Best Female Actor - Diamond Award of the European Independent Film Award (EIFA)
Silver Award – Best Score - The European Independent Film Award (The EIFA)
Award of Merit (category Experimental) - Accolade Global Film Competition
Award of merit (category experimental) - Indie Fest

Diamond Award - California Film Awards
Best Experimental film - Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival
Best Foreign Short Film - Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Award
Best Experimental Film - Largo Film Awards
Bronze Award - North American Film Awards
Award of Distinction - Canada Shorts Film Festival
Diamond Award - California Film Awards
Honorable mention - LA Underground Film Forum



IBIZA Cinefest - Spain
Coral Coast International Film Festival - Italy
Austrian Film Festival - Selection Audience Award - Austria
Berlin Short Film Festival - Germany
The Stockholm Independent Film Festival - Sweeden
European Cinematography AWARDS - Semi-Finalist
Switzerland International Film Festival - Switzerland
Hollywood Cine Fest- USA


European Short Film Festival - Berlin
Rome cinemaDOC - Italy
Lisbon International Film Festival - Portugal
Barcelona Planet Film Festival - Spain
Moving Pictures Festival - Belgium
International Monthly Film Festival Copenhagen - Denmark
Best Independent International Film Festival Karlsruhe - Germany
Chandler International Film Festival - Arizona/USA
Boulevard Short Film Festival - USA
NewBorn Short Film Agency – The festival - Berlin
Move Me Production Short Film Festival - Belgium
Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival - USA
Swedish International Film Festival - Sweden
Shorts Off Film Fest - United Kingdom
United International Film Festival - USA
Studio City International Film Festival - USA
New World International Film Festival - Berlin
ERIE Independent Film Festival - USA
Hollywood Screenings Film Festival - USA
Themodcon London - UK
Eurocinema Film Festival - Switzerland
IBIZA Short Film Festival & Market - Spain

Images©Dieter Grohmann