Dame de Pic - Karine Ponties

Creation 2014

50 minutes


The king in the shadow of his palace and his people,the church and its faithful in that of the pope,the boss in the shadow of the worker and his factory. Three tyrants in the closet of an abandoned monument, left alone in the exercise of their language, a register codified by the respective nature of their power: temporal, spiritual, economic. To exercise this power, they must subjugate this uninhabited kingdom and, paradoxically, subjugate all sovereigns. The tyrant governs, and the subjugation reveals a metamorphosed shock, a deconstruction of his code, this corporal place that contains the social function. Tyran(s) explores places of the body with humour, its capacity to absorb protocol, codes, its resilience and continuous reinvention.

“Our whole being is just the delusion of many.” Robert Musil

Photos©Andrea Messana