Creation 2019

35 minutes

Parachuted into the heart of a dreamlike plot, a dreaming girl falls from one imaginary space into another, pursuing a strange nursery rhyme in a series of closed-door scenes. Accompanied by a mysterious and large sheet of white cardboard, she is caught up in a game of manipulations with incessant reversals, a maze of light and sound situations entirely live. She gradually takes possession of this enigmatic partner as she gives him life: bearing multiple figures, he merges with the wings of a bird, becomes a moving table, shines like a star, and inevitably closes like a trap. An unlikely partnership that straddles imbalance, phantasmagoria, sound hallucinations and graphic reversals.

Very loosely based on Lewis Carroll, this Alice tells us the story of whimsical solitude, punctuated by the absurd, at every moment oscillating between enchantment and fear.


Concept, Choreography and Performance Shantala Pèpe
Lighting and Sound design, Artistic collaboration Hugues Girard
Choreographic assistant
Maria Eugenia Lopez
Costume Patricia
Set design advices
Peter Maschke

Production Incógnita asbl/Shantala Pèpe
Les Brigittines - Playhouse for Movement.
Created with the support of
the Wallonia-Brussels Federation - dance department, Mossoux-Bonté Cie, Cultural Center Jacques Franck, Le Marni, Dag Van de Dans.

Photos©Andrea Messana


3,5,6 April 2019 : Les Brigittines - Playhouse for Movement, Brussels


17 Jun 2021: Zahrada/GARDEN - Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

22 May 2020: Le Delta - Namur, BE -> CANCELED

16 October 2019: Objectifs Danse 9 - Les Brigittines, Brussels

27 April 2019: Dag Van de Dans - Les Brigittines, Brussels