Despite Her

Création 2016

50 minutes

A descent into the lives and works of the great American divas of blues, jazz and rock music from the 1940s to the 1970s; the journey of a woman torn between a successful public life and a tormented and bitter private life.

In the wanderings of a sleepless night, between acclaim and decline, she shows the loneliness inherent to success and an extraordinary life force repeatedly challenged by overwhelming addictions and toxic relationships.

Despite Her presents the paradox of female power and vulnerability at the center of the performance and forges a close but ambiguous rapport, not without humour, which shares the confidence of a whispered blues or shows the audience a personality struggling with her excesses.

Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Etta James, Dinah Washington, Janis Joplin, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin and Anita O’Day are the women who inspired this first solo project.


Concept and Dance Shantala Pèpe
Artistic collaboration Maria Eugenia Lopez
Sound composition Thomas Turine
Light and Stage design Marc Lhommel
Voice coach Sarah Klenes
Costume assistant Patricia Eggericks
Set design painter Béatrice Massinger

Production Incógnita asbl/Shantala Pèpe
Les Brigittines - Contemporary Arts Center for Movement.

Created with the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Wallonia-Brussels International, SACD, Wolubilis Cultural Center, BAMP/AD LIB., and Iles asbl/Artist Project - Suitcase.

Photos©Andrea Messana


11 and 12 march 2016 : Festival In Movement - Les Brigittines - Brussels


20 mai 2016 : Plateform La 25ème Heure - La Raffinerie - Brussels