Creation 2025

22 minutes

At the crossroads of illusion and choreographic and plastic performance, this solo delivers, in around twenty minutes, a series of mysterious transformations, between appearances and disappearances of characterized silhouettes, as facets of a strange character. Carried away in a hypnotic whirlwind from which light seems to emanate, the body transfigures as it sheds its multiple skins, discovering throughout the metamorphoses its fragility and its stigmata.

Between demonstration and unveiling, exUTERO is a mise en abîme on the representation of oneself, carried by a work of image that plays to disturb perception.


Artistic direction, Choreography and Performance Shantala Pèpe
Musical Composition Yair Elazar Glotman
Costumes Patricia Eggerickx
Effets spéciaux corps Rebecca Flores Martinez
Lighting Hugues Girard
Dramaturgical overlook Sara Lemaire
Costume making Isabelle Airaud

Production MANA Compagnie
Coproductions Les Brigittines - Playhouse for Movement
Supports Le Delta, Zahrada-Centre culturel GARDEN, Centre culturel d'Engis, Le Marni, Les Tanneurs

Photo©Stéphane Jossart



September / October 2025 Zahrada-Centre culturel GARDEN

October 2025 Danse Avec les Foules 13

Décember 2025 / January 2026 Centre culturel d'Engis