Creation 2022

60 minutes

Five lost souls come back to life as together they trace the steps of the very exodus that sealed their undoing. From hostile lands to makeshift shelters, they navigate the elements as they seek how best to move together as one, vacillating from cooperation to power struggles. The fragility and power of the bonds which unite them are put to the test as each step in their quest for a common ideal seems to reveal the impossibility of their odyssey, leaving the community to capsize from absurd rivalries to symbiotic fantasies, in a growing abstraction of space.

Navigating between realism and dreamlike aesthetics, Rafales dives deep into the stories of beings pushed to the borders of human relations, shedding light on the salutary mechanics of mutual aid and solidarity, wherein lies their greatest utopia and perhaps, their ultimate salvation.


Artistic direction and Choreography: Shantala Pèpe
Creation and Performance: Marion Bosetti, François Brice, Vincent Clavaguera, Louis Nam Le Van Ho, Frauke Mariën
Musical Composition: Thomas Turine
Lighting and Set Design: Hugues Girard
Costumes: Patricia Eggerickx

Production: Compagnie Shantala Pèpe / MANA asbl
Coproduction (in progress): Les Brigittines - Playhouse for Movement
Support (in progress)
: Centre Culturel Jacques Franck, Compagnie Mossoux-Bonté, SACD, Wallonie Bruxelles Théâtre Danse, LookIN'OUT

Photos©Aurélie Leporq and Shantala Pèpe


6 to 10 December 2022: Les Brigittines - Playhouse for Movement, Brussels, BE

12 May 2021: work in progress for professionals - Les Brigittines, Brussels


Automne 2023: Cultural Center Jacques Franck