Ghost Hand

Video 2020

2 minutes 31 seconds

In May 2020, the choreographer Nicole Mossoux launched a call to performers for a filmed improvisation, following the cancellation of the show Whispers at the Westfluegel House in Leipzig. At the venue’s invitation, the Compagnie Mossoux-Bonté invited the audience and anyone who felt so inclined to make a clip about the relationship between head and hand: the strange hand, phantom hand, the outgrowth of a multifaceted body, with often conflicting intentions, inner rift ...

Antonin de Bemels, who had taken part in the challenge, then proceeded to compose a fresco in which all the shared intimacies could meet and echo each other or – in his own words – “to try and reconnect these different bodies and disparate body parts.”

Die Geisterhand bears witness to the strange days when we would self-isolate to show solidarity and try and live by the Tuareg injunction to “keep our tents apart and our hearts together."


Video by Shantala Pèpe