• 26th Jun 2020

    Choreographer Nicole Mossoux invites performers to a short filmed improvisation for the Westfluegel House in Leipzig. Any performers can participate! 2'30 max!
    Go here to watch Nicole Mossoux message and the videos of performers: https://www.westfluegel.de/en/...

  • 1st Jun 2020

    SOON OR LATER - the doors will open!

    Performative challenge during covid 19 confinement : 1 outdoor space, 1 minute max video, 20 minutes of shooting, no preparation on location.
    Short series of 8 episodes commissioned by the Brigittines to few of their fellow choreographers!
    Video by Shantala Pèpe, Pierre Philippe Pif Hofmann & Les Brigittines

  • 25th Apr 2020

    Since the 13th of march and until end of jun, all shows and tour dates of Alice, Nothingness, The Great-He Goat, and Dimanche are unfortunately canceled due to the health crisis. But there are good news : most of them will be postponed for next year or the season 2021-2022!

  • 27th Jan 2020

    Shantala Pèpe is an artist resident at the Mossoux-Bonté Company

  • 15th Feb 2020

    Just under a month before the premières of Nothingness! Come to discover the new creation of Maria Eugenia Lopez at the Brigittines the 12th, 13th and 14th march.

  • 10th Feb 2020

    In the middle of learning the amazing show Dimanche, created by the companies Focus & Chaliwaté mixing gesture theatre, object theatre and puppetry : )

  • 13th Jan 2020

    Back in the Brigittines for the fourth creation phase of Nothingness from Maria Eugenia Lopez, and with Louie Nam Van Ho.

  • 16th Nov 2019

    The Great He Goat is playing at the Halles de Schaerbeek (Brussels) next week on the 26th and 27th!

  • 18th Nov 2019

    Come to discover Vice Versa during our run in Theatre Les Tanneurs from 20th to 23rd and from 28th to 30th!

  • 1st Oct 2019

    The new creation Alice has been selected for the platform Objectifs Danse 9 - biennale of international promotion for contemporary dance companies from Wallonia-Brussels federation.

    Performance on october 16 at 2.30pm at the Brigittines, Brussels.

  • 1st Sep 2019

    The Magma Chamber will be screened at the Manifesto Film Festival this sunday 8th september as part of the Amsterdam Film eXperience Showcase curated by Steve Armor.

  • 1st Jun 2019

    Interview on the film The Magma Chamber in the new special edition of WomenCinemakers!

    Interview here!

  • 1st Aug 2019

    Steve Reich Project is performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from august 2nd to 18th!

  • 27th Jan 2020

    The Magma Chamber is selected at the Venice Biennale 2019!